3 Great Ways To Make Your Retail Sign Stand Out

Signs are incredibly important in retail stores because they provide valuable information to customers about specific products, draw attention to other products, and display prices and sales. These signs often need to specialized in order for them to fit a specific situation. Whatever the specification, however, there are three main qualities that every effective retail store sign should have.

1. Succinct

A retail store tends to force a lot of visual information onto a customer, often overloading them. This can be somewhat intentional, in order to make it easier for them to purchase more products, but it is often unintentional. Customers who are looking for a specific item are much more likely to leave the store with nothing if they are overloaded.

In order for retail stores to cut through the confusion, they can use signs that are short and succinct. Many companies have adopted a signage "tweeting" policy, where they don't allow any messages on signs that are over 140 characters. This allows customers to read many different signs at once and focus on where they would like to go, rather than skimming a sign and deciding that it is too long to bother reading further.

2. Use the Second Person in Your Signs

When you are trying to sell something to a customer, it can be easier to make the sale if you get the customer to envision that the product is already his or hers. If the customer already is imagining owning the product, you are already halfway to the sale because that customer will end up wanting the product more and be willing to go to greater lengths to get it.

One way that you can increase thoughts of already owning the product is to use the second tense in your signs. This means using the words "you" and "yours." Customers who see a sign that says "Your Next Cocktail Dress" are more likely to imagine themselves wearing the dress at a party than they would if they saw a sign that says "Great Cocktail Dress."

3. Use Complementary Colors

Using colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel is a great way to make your sign stand out. People are more likely to look at and devote attention to a sign that is orange and blue, rather than a sign that is orange and yellow.

For more signing tips, contact a custom sign company. (such as A 2 Z Signs or another)