Are You Planning Funeral Services For A Loved One?

Of course, anytime somebody dies there is sadness for those who are left behind. However, if somebody close to you died right before Christmas, the grieving might be even more intense. Are you the person in charge of planning the funeral service? If so, from arranging everything from music to the spoken word to selecting a granite headstone for the deceased person, here are some things that might help.

Plan The Funeral Service - Consider the reason that people will be attending the funeral. First of all, they will want to hear a message that will bring them comfort. The deceased person's ecclesiastic leader can bring that needed comfort in talking about eternal life and that families can live together forever. In addition, they will be interested to hear facts about the deceased person that they may not have known before. For example, if the deceased person was once a champion archer, that would be a good thing to include in the talk at the funeral service. Will the deceased person's children want to share treasured memories of their mother or father who passed away? 

Music can also play an important part of the funeral service. Think of a soloist singing something like O Divine Redeemer or How Great Thou Art. The congregation might sing traditional hymns like Holy, Holy, Holy or Amazing Grace. Another idea is to have violinists or a pianist play funeral-appropriate music. 

Select A Custom Granite Headstone - Even after the funeral service is over, you will more than likely want to remember the deceased person by selecting a custom granite headstone. This type of headstone will probably be more affordable than you thought it would be. And, selecting a headstone made from granite means that it will withstand even harsh weather and it will last for many years.

In selecting the custom granite headstone, consider what the deceased person would want on it. Besides the deceased person's birth date and death date, you might include a favorite scripture reference. The twenty-third Psalm or The Lord's Prayer might be referenced on the headstone. Or, maybe a favorite quote that will remind others of the deceased person. Something like Always Remember Who You Are or Always Be True are both examples of words that could be part of the design of the custom granite headstone. You can even select a photograph to be on the granite headstone.