Use Channel Mount Sign Holders For Outdoor Advertising

Channel mount plastic holders are weatherproof and easy to install. A set of holders can be used to display wares that you will be selling at a flea market or a trade show. The secure attachment style that a set of holders possesses will allow you to clearly advertise products and relay prices to your target audience. You can get this type of holder from a business such as Plastic Displays And Fixtures Co. Inc. 

A Non-Cluttered Advertising Style

If you have noticed other salespeople using handwritten signage and colored price tags to advertise their wares, you may have been taken aback by the disorganized manner in which a display booth was set up. Using materials that are of varying sizes and styles can detract from the products that are being featured. A set of channel mount plastic sign holders will promote a consistent advertising style.

First, you will need to invest in a display shelf that contains front channels. The channels that are on this type of case will be located above or below each shelf. The recessed design of a channel will support the use of plastic sign holders. A sign holder will be designed to sit inside of a channel. Some holders contain a double-sided piece of plastic that can be used to display pricing information or product details.

Upon securing a price or a description inside of each holder, the holders can be secured to a display case. Afterward, inventory can be matched up with the appropriate holders. This method will allow you always set up your inventory in the same fashion. Since the holders will remain in the channel locations where they were normally placed, inventory will continuously be laid across each part of a display shelf in the same formation.

A Secure Way To Display Paper Or Cardboard Signage

Using tape to affix paper or cardboard signage directly to a sales booth or to a table can be perceived as a sloppy way to advertise. Precipitation and wind could ruin advertising materials or cause them to loosen from the surfaces that they are affixed to. The use of channel mount sign holders will prevent damage to advertising materials.

Additionally, any weather fluctuations that would normally cause signage to come loose will be avoided. Purchase a set of channel mount sign holders that can be secured vertically or horizontally. Choose a set of holders that contain clips. The clips can be secured to the edges of paper or cardboard pieces that are going to be displayed on a shelving unit.