Make Your Business Stand Out With Monument Signs

Outdoor signage is essential to attract people to your business. Neon lights, dancing blow up men, and flashing signs are all ways to garner attention, but monument signs can do the same while still making your location look professional. A monument sign is usually a larger sign flanked by two columns, placed on a brick facade, or shaped in stone with your company's logo on the front. 

Types of Signs

A monument sign is made to wow people when they pass by your business. The concept is that they're designed to resemble a larger monument, thus attracting more attention and giving your business front some extra flair. There are many different styles, shapes, and even colors you can choose to have custom made from any sign shop. A beautiful stucco portico style, large brick columns flanked  by a colorful sign in the middle, and sign bases made of stone are just some of the styles to choose from. You can even opt to have your monument sign hand made into any shape you like. These kinds of signs are also commonly used as an entry way for neighborhood complexes. 

How They're Installed

Once you've chosen the design and style of your sign and the sign making company has completed fabrication, it's time to have the sign installed. First, the current local signage rules and permitting paperwork will need to be filed so that you're certain everything is up to code before the sign goes up. Next, a heavy steel pipe is inserted into the ground and usually secured with an expanding foam product. Concrete is also poured around the pipe to ensure that the sign will remain grounded and sturdy, save from potential thieves or inclement weather. The actual sign will be added atop the foundation, and treated with a special weatherproof coating to ensure years of use. This coating can also protect from mildew and moisture issues as well as rot or termites.

Who Uses Monument Signs?

While this type of sign might not be for every business, here are some examples of where they're commonly seen:

  • Business parks
  • Neighborhoods and/or apartment complexes
  • Hospital entrances
  • Museums or parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Large corporate buildings
  • Real estate companies
  • Doctor's offices
  • Banks

Whether you're a large or a small business, monument signs are sure to help establish your presence in the community. They will also help promote your company's professional image, and create an icon that people will remember. Take a look at sites like for more information.