Backlit Fabric Displays For Commercial Use

Backlit framed and frameless light boxes can be used to promote products, your business name, or the services that you offer. Learn how this type of signage is designed. Then choose fabric display materials that will provide brilliant imagery. 

Backlit Technology

LED bulbs are used to illuminate imagery that is displayed across a light box. Modern light boxes use fabric displays. As the lights shine across the back of the fabric, the light that filters through will illuminate what is printed on a display. Backlit products included framed and frameless designs. A framed box is one that will contain a distinct display and a border. The border pieces will be visible. A frameless light box contains edge pieces that will be concealed. The fabric display that is secured to the edges will conceal the edge materials.

Light Box Designs

Backlit fabric displays are constructed of weather-resistant material, such as polyester. Silicone beading that is secured to the outer edges of a fabric panel will aid with keeping a fabric panel secure. 

Frameless light boxes contain a channel that runs along the outer edge of a light box. A manufacturer will pull a fabric panel taut. Then, they will press the silicone beading into the outer channel. This assembly process will prevent the fabric from coming loose or getting wrinkled.

Signage Display Tips

Framed and frameless backlit display boxes can be permanently installed in your place of business. They can also be used to accent your storefront or to decorate a tradeshow booth that you will be using to promote goods and services.

A custom signage designer will help you select imagery that will showcase your business. The resolution of the photography that you select for the signage will impact the amount of detail that a display box will possess. The designer will help you select color combinations and layout styles that will truly capture the imagery that you would like to share with your target audience.

The Installation Processes

Backlit fabric displays are designed to be anchored to walls. These types of displays will require that the electrical components are installed first. You should hire someone to assist with installing the new signage that you purchase. A professional installer will determine where each sign should be displayed. They will assess the vantage point that will work best for each sign. Then, they will use hardware to anchor the signage to interior or exterior walls.

Contact a local backlit fabric display service to learn more.