Features To Get In Photoluminescent Exit Signs

In commercial buildings and stores, it's standard to have photoluminescent exit signs set up. They show people clearly where to exit during an emergency. If you're planning to buy one or a couple of these signs, try to get these features.

Durable Frame Support

If you want to keep your exit signs protected and thus able to last, then you need to ensure they come in durable frames. That's going to keep materials better situated after these exit signs are set up in your building. Steel and aluminum frames are staple options for photoluminescent exit signs.

You just need to make sure you get frames that are the right size so that you don't struggle with installation or have any portion of the exit sign that's potentially exposed. Work these details out and your frames aren't going to give you as many structural complications. 

Continuous Illumination Design

One of the most important things to get out of a photoluminescent exit sign is constant illumination. That's going to ensure these exit signs play an important role during an emergency situation that calls for emergency doors to be used.

Not only that but you are legally required to have exit signs that stay lit throughout the day and night. Make sure you tailor your exit sign search towards 24-7 illumination designs from the beginning. Reliability in lighting is something that can help with getting exit signs that stay lit. 

Zero Energy Consumption

You want your exit signs to stay lit each day and night, but you don't want your energy bills to shoot up exponentially to keep these signs running. That won't be a problem if you make sure your exit signs don't consume any energy. There are actually a lot of exit signs that have this design.

They don't have to be wired into any electrical systems or be powered by a battery. They will simply stay illuminated because of the special materials that are incorporated into their design. That can help you keep your building safe without having to worry as much about energy consumption.

Whether you have a clothing store or a commercial building with a lot of employees, it's important to set up the right photoluminescent exit signs on your property for safety reasons. Look for exit signs that are well-structured and have the right feature support so that you can ensure these signs remain an important and effective investment.